Vegetable oil Argan Argania spinosa

Glass bottle anti-UV with dosing pump
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Vegetable oil Argan BIO (Argania spinosa) 50ml Vegetable oil Argan BIO (Argania spinosa) 200ml Vegetable oil Argan BIO (Argania spinosa) 1L
Vegetable oil
Argan Argania spinosa
Cultivation: organic
Used part: almond
Origin: Morocco
Extraction method: First cold pressed
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100% of all ingredients are produced by Organic Farming
Manufacturing process controlled. Characteristics certified by Bureau Veritas Certification -92937 PARIS LA DÉFENSE-PUTEAUX- according to standard I-305 available on
Softening and regenerating, vegetable oils nourish the epidermis and protect it to restore its shine and suppleness. Regular application prevents dehydration and skin ageing.
Cosmetic argan oil is made from kernels not roasted.
It contains a large amount of unsaponifiables, half of them are beta-carotene, the precursor of vitamin A, which gives him regenerative properties at the level of the skin.
It repairs and protects the epidermis of droughts and external aggressions, and prevent aging, thanks to its contribution in essential fatty acid.
Argan oil also contains vitamin E, giving it antioxidant qualities.
Very soft, it softens the skin, revitalizes tired, wrinkled parts and rehydrate it returning its elasticity.
Argan oil is also very effective to relieve cracked skin and burnt, as well as for the scars and the spots.
Nails and hair will benefit from the same restorative effects.