Incense Tibetan incense

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Incense Tibetan incense
Tibetan incense
Sacred Source - Mystic Fragance
Tibetan incense sticks made in Lhasa as part of a community partnership
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Laboratoire HÉVÉA has set up a community partnership with Kelsang Thupten, founder of ‘Nham Gle Aru’, a small artisan manufacturer of Tibetan incense and medicine using traditional techniques. Some of its medical products are distributed free of charge in remote villages with no access to medical care or medicine.
This incense aims to promote Tibetan medicine products in an equitable and supportive environment.
Made according to the canons of Tibetan medicine, this incense is exclusively prepared using botanical ingredients and water drawn from a local sacred spring.
A time-honoured blend of medicinal plants, ‘Sacred Source’ is known in Tibetan medicine for releasing tension and relieving stress.

Support this artisan Tibetan medicine manufacturing project