Raku ceramic Raku cupel

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Raku ceramic Raku cupel
Raku ceramic
Raku cupel
15 Days
Raku (Japanese: rakuyaki) is a technique of Korean origin, used in the manufacture of unique pieces for the tea ceremony.

It is the result of a sharp enamelling technique. The colours and the fine cracks blend smoothly.
Technical and process of realization:
Parts are made entirely by hand.

It is a method of cooking and enamelling. The parts are smoky, soaked in
water, burned and left in the open air. They then undergo a severe thermal
shock. Thus worked material breathes the history of Earth, fire and water.

Barely out of the oven (1000°C), parts are covered quickly with natural
flammable materials (compacted sawdust) in order to limit the supply of
oxygen in contact with enamel in fusion (redox reaction). It is at this time
that colours and cracks appear. After cooling parts are cleaned to remove
residues of soot and ash.
Measures : diameter 10cm * height 3.5cm