Rose enfleurage

HÉVÉA is responsible for reviving the technique of enfleurage, and today this remains the sole method capable of gently extracting active ingredients such as fragrances from the most delicate flowers. Thousands of fresh roses are left in our plant oils to infuse for a short period of time, with the process being repeated over and over again, giving them their unequalled character and authenticity.
Sensual body oil
An unique HEVEA creation for a exquisite moments of well-being and escape
50ml / 22.00€
Lip balm
This delicate balm protect and beautify the lips
15ml / 18.50€
Beneficial body oil
A fresh oil that repairs damage caused by the sun
50ml / 32.00€
50ml / 24.00€
Botanical sap
Mature and fragile skin
30ml / 46.50€
Botanical sap
All skin type
30ml / 25.00€
Fragrance-free and Allergen-free Facial care
Soothing and protective care for delicate skin areas
50ml / 27.50€
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