A pretty bronze skin

Make your skin glow with sunshine. Prepare, hydrate, and repair with the ritual of tan skin care products with rose, fresh Aloe Vera juice and carrot. A glowing, healthy, tanned... perfect skin.
Oily macerate
Daucus carota
Cultivation : organic
Used part : rhizome
50ml / 10.20€
Flower water
Rosa damascena
Cultivation : organic
Used part : flower
1kg of fresh roses per liter of floral water
100ml / 6.00€
Botanical lotion
Normal to dry skin
100ml / 23.00€
Botanical lotion
Combination to oily skin
100ml / 22.00€
Facial care
Anti-ageing cream for firm, moisturised skin
50ml / 33.00€
Micellar water
Make-up remover and facial cleanser lotion extra soft facial and eyes
100ml / 16.00€
Botanical Gel
Non-greasy fluid gel Face & Body
50ml / 18.00€
Fragrance-free and Allergen-free Facial care
Soothing and protective care for delicate skin areas
50ml / 27.50€
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