A bronze and satiny skin

Reveal a soft, soft, soft and satin smooth skin this summer. The cares with coconut, vanilla and ylang ylang scents moisturise and smooth your skin preparing it for the sun. Show your legs and enjoy the delicious soothing of these cares.
Sensual body oil
Excellent oil summer for body and hair
50ml / 25.00€
Beneficial body oil
A fresh oil that repairs damage caused by the sun
50ml / 32.00€
Sensual body oil
A peaceful haven
50ml / 24.00€
Sensual body oil
50ml / 21.00€
Sensual body oil
Gives back skin's suppleness and elasticity
50ml / 25.50€
Beneficial body balm
Face body hair
Reparative and protective moisturiser for face, body and hair
50ml / 16.00€
Sensual body oil
A nutritious oil that promotes relaxation
50ml / 23.00€
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