Anti-aging care

Redefine your beauty ritual with these specific cares with concentrated plant actives, to restore the skin's natural functions. The best of anti-aging, adapted to your needs. Organic vegetable oils, vegetable squalane, sea buckthorn extract and organic pomegranate, essential oil synergies, HÉVÉA enfleurage of fresh roses... Choose your care for a young, unified, smooth and dazzling skin.
Anti-ageing and moisturising facial care
An anti-ageing treatment for firmer and more hydrated skin
50ml / 33.00€
Eyes contour balm
Moisturises, reduces dark circles
Gently moisturises and reduces shadows beneath the eyes
15ml / 15.00€
Botanical sap
Mature and fragile skin
30ml / 46.50€
Botanical lotion
Normal to dry skin
100ml / 23.00€
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