Diffusion mixtures

Concentrated fragrances that remind you of a place, a trip, an atmosphere for creating an ambiance in your home. Composed by pure natural essential oils and organic alcohol. For diffusion using any type of diffuser.
Eucalyptus and Tea tree
The Australian forest fills your lungs
10ml / 10.00€
Ylang and vetiver
Warm, floral notes; a holiday air
10ml / 12.00€
Junipers and oakmoss
A magical forest path
10ml / 10.00€
Sensual stimulation
Stimulates emotion and desire
10ml / 14.00€
Ravensara and Niaouli
To cleanse and strengthen your defences
10ml / 12.00€
Fruity and shrill
A greedy association
10ml / 10.00€
Cistus and citrus
An energy boost
10ml / 14.00€
The forest comes right into your home
10ml / 15.00€
The unique scent of this perfume will make your mouth water
10ml / 14.00€
To clean your glass diffusers
10ml / 7.00€
Cedar and Frankincense
An invitation to meditate
10ml / 12.00€
Mint and Rosmary
Cleanses and deodorises
10ml / 12.00€
Pine trees and mint
For times of work and concentration
10ml / 15.00€
For a fun, party atmosphere
10ml / 9.00€
Escape to the Mediterranean
10ml / 10.00€
Lemon and eucalyptus
A large bath of fresh air
10ml / 12.00€
Lavender and cistus
Notes of Provence
10ml / 14.00€
The route of flow
10ml / 12.00€
Lemongrass and Sandalwood
Voyage of discovery
10ml / 29.00€
Fir tree and mints
The extreme freshness of the great north
10ml / 12.00€
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