Diffusion mixtures

Concentrated fragrances that remind you of a place, a trip, an atmosphere for creating an ambiance in your home. Composed by pure natural essential oils and organic alcohol. For diffusion using any type of diffuser.
For calm nights without mosquitoes
50ml / 15.50€
Eucalyptus and Tea tree
The Australian forest fills your lungs
10ml / 10.00€
Ylang and Vetiver
Warm, floral notes; a holiday air
10ml / 12.00€
Junipers and Oakmoss
A magical forest path
10ml / 10.00€
Stimulant and Inebriating
Stimulates emotion and desire
10ml / 14.00€
Ravensara and Niaouli
To cleanse and strengthen your defences
10ml / 12.00€
Fruity and Shrill
A greedy association
10ml / 10.00€
Cistus and Citrus
An energy boost
10ml / 14.00€
The forest comes right into your home
10ml / 15.00€
The unique scent of this perfume will make your mouth water
10ml / 14.00€
Cedar and Frankincense
An invitation to meditate
10ml / 12.00€
Mint and Rosmary
Cleanses and deodorises
10ml / 12.00€
Pine tree and Mint
For times of work and concentration
10ml / 15.00€
For a fun, party atmosphere
10ml / 9.00€
Escape to the Mediterranean
10ml / 10.00€
Lemon and Eucalyptus
A large bath of fresh air
On sale soon!
Lavender and Cistus
Notes of Provence
10ml / 14.00€
The route of flow
10ml / 12.00€
Lemongrass and Sandalwood
Voyage of discovery
10ml / 15.00€
Fir tree and Mints
The extreme freshness of the great north
10ml / 12.00€
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