Targeted cares

Biological aromatic balms to serve Natural Beauty. Used daily, these cares stimulate, restore and maintain the skin's natural functions.
70° Alcohol
50ml / 12.00€
Beneficial body balm
Face body hair
Reparative and protective moisturiser for face, body and hair
50ml / 16.00€
Beneficial body oil
For thirsty skin
Very dry, lifeless skin
50ml / 26.00€
Beneficial body oil
Soft moisturised skin after hair removal
50ml / 28.00€
Beneficial body oil
A fresh oil that repairs damage caused by the sun
50ml / 32.00€
Beneficial body oil
Prevents the appearance of stretch marks and aids their reabsorption
50ml / 29.00€
Beneficial body balm
Dry and damaged skin
Intensive moisturiser for very dry or problem skin
50ml / 27.00€
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