Room sprays

Fragrances that remind you of a place, a trip, an atmosphere for creating an ambiance in your home. Composed by pure natural essential oils and organic alcohol.
Ylang-ylang and Vetiver
The archipelago of the Indian Ocean in warm, floral exhalations
50ml / 16.00€
The forest comes right into your home
50ml / 15.00€
Warm, greedy exhalations
50ml / 16.00€
You are transported into the magical world of Halloween!
50ml / 15.00€
Spikenard and rhododendron
Heights that are strange yet intoxicating and fascinating
On sale soon!
Patchouli and Sandalwood
Voyage of discovery
50ml / 15.00€
To get away and protect themselves from mosquitoes
50ml / 9.90€
For a fun, party atmosphere
50ml / 15.00€
Lavender and Cistus
Scrubland warmed by the sun
50ml / 15.00€
Myrrh and Benzoin
A cradle of precious essential oils
50ml / 16.00€
Eucalyptus and Tea tree
The Australian forest fills your lungs
50ml / 15.00€
Orange and Bergamot
Its orange grove exudes air that is fresh and infused with the scent of hesperidium
50ml / 15.00€
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