HÉVÉA reinvents the enfleurage Damask Rose


In the heart of the Valley of Roses, at the foot of the Atlas Mountains, near Dades Gorge, the HÉVÉA laboratory produces its enfleurage of Rosa damascena.

The Moroccans originally planted the Damask roses in thick hedges to outline orchard plots.

Our laboratory works and maintains privileged relations with the local population with respect for fair trade. The price of roses is fixed, allowing local families to obtain a supplemental income and maintain a commercial activity in this remote Valley.

Authentic and ecological

In those wild lands, safe from any pollution, HEVEA laboratory reinvents and modernizes the extraction process. This completely manual and ecological technique uses fresh roses harvested the same day. It is a gentle method (cold and solvent-free) and 100% natural, preserving the integrity of original fragrance and active ingredients.

The enfleurage of roses is still the only method capable of extracting this sweet scent of the most delicate of flowers. Through a short and repeated infusion, thousands of roses are transformed into our essential oil to confer that unequalled character and authenticity.

This cold extraction uses only a vegetable oil solution and mechanical procedures.

HÉVÉA reinvents the enfleurage Damask Rose

A cosmetic asset in demand

With more than 300 aromatic molecules, roses gives this essential oil the incomparable and subtle aroma and enveloping fragrance of authentic fresh roses. Rose essential oil has a double physiological action :

  • At cutaneous level, it is especially suited for dry, very dry and sensitive skins. It has revitalizing, toning and healing actions. This essential oil works specifically for cosmetic treatments for sensitive skin: redness, rosacea, scars…
  • Great skin tolerance: delicately perfumes the skin.
  • Beyond the effect on the skin, aromatic molecules of the rose have a significant psycho sensory effect. Olfactory molecules act in the emotional field at the level of the cerebral cortex. They stimulate emotions, especially the feeling of well-being. Suitable also for alleviating affective disorders and stimulating sexual desire.

Essential oils from a high - end limited series

Every year, in the month of May, the ephemeral season of the rose, our enfleurage is prepared fresh and in limited series, which guarantees an original, fresh and exclusive product.

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